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Vivatel Kuala Lumpur’s visit to Old Folks Home (Amitabha Malaysia)


On 19 April 2019 – In collaboration with Verdu Care, Vivatel Kuala Lumpur has visited Amitabha Malaysia Old Folks Home and bring cheers to more than 30 senior citizens. The programme began at 3.00pm with a welcome speech and briefing about Amitabha Malaysia. After a short briefing and Q&A session, we mingled around with the elderly for health screening which was assisted by the Verdu Care team. This is to ensure that they have a clearer understanding of their health. Our presence has added so much love and joy to the elderly who are always looking forward for someone to visit and spending time listening to them.

Meaningful memories were created during the day as it show us the important of humanity and caring which lead us to become a better person. We would like to thank our fellow colleagues for their generous donations such as foods and cloths for the elderly. This demonstrate the values of teamwork, passion and flexibility of VKL associates who are committed to make this CSR event a great success.