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Love the Nature- Gotong-Royong program with DBKL at Kepong Metropolitan Park


On 03 September 2018, Vivatel Kuala Lumpur organized a collaboration CSR program with Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) to enhance the importance of the nature among the society at Kepong Metropolitan Park. With the slogan of 'Love the Nature', we got a chance to experience gardening maintenance with DBKL team.

Moreover , this activity presents an opportunity for us to inculcate a sense of responsibilities, working together with others to carry out a community project.The half-day affair saw the group of management working together with DBKL staff cleaning fruit orchard within the area.

The objectives of this CSR were to promote healthy lifestyle among employees and to make people aware the creation of clean and beautiful environment. It also enhances the spirit of teamwork among associates.

A sense of satisfaction filled in our heart when we have done a good deed for the community. In future we hope that this activity can enthusiast us to have a positive influence of environmental responsibilities and giving back to societies.